How we source the best logistical partners

//How we source the best logistical partners

How we source the best logistical partners


As a supplier to the hospitality industry, it is essential to have a holistic view of our logistical needs. Flexibility within our operation and the ability to move quickly to the changes in our market conditions are imperative to meet the needs of our customers. Sourcing the best logistical partners has been a major area of focus with the need to deliver to our customers on-demand.

How do we achieve this?

Here at Accom Assist, we use a combination of local delivery and Third Party Logistic (3PL).

As we are based in the Brisbane area, we service our client’s needs with local delivery. This allows us to quickly and efficiently work closely with our network of b2b customers to meet their needs when stock is required. This can fluctuate quickly with changes to seasonal occupancies of rooms and resorts due to a number of factors such as events, public holidays and school holiday periods on the calendar.

Our use of Third Party Logistic (3PL) warehousing has been a huge component in Accom Assist’s success in retaining clients via our efficiency to meet their needs.

Why do we use 3PL?

Internally, it saves us tying up capital in warehousing, overheads and the need to employ staff. This allows us to focus on the needs of the market and our customers. The pick and pack distribution methods of 3PL is a clean, fast and easy means to deliver the product when our clients need in a timely manner. This model is easy to manipulate to the market conditions. And as we sign up more clients and consequently geographic regions to supply, we can replicate the 3PL model in these areas with no startup cost and minimal overheads to our operation.