Guest amenities to make your guests feel pampered

//Guest amenities to make your guests feel pampered

Guest amenities to make your guests feel pampered


Is there anything better than checking into a luxury hotel and relaxing with a spa or bath using luxurious products you wouldn’t use at home? Create a little bit of luxury in your hotel with these amenities that make your guests feel pampered, relaxed and keep them coming back!

Bath Salts

Many hotels are now removing baths from their bathrooms to conserve water, 5-star hotels are going the extra mile by providing their guests with a touch of opulence and luxury through bath salts and soaks. Allowing their guests to melt away their troubles and relax after a long day shopping, sightseeing or travelling. Don’t forget to add a bath pillow as well for that extra special touch.

Body wash and hair care products

Show your guest you care by providing luxurious organic and vegan-friendly body washes and hair care products. It shows your guests you are catering to the changing needs and views of today’s society, making them more comfortable during their stay.

Face masks and creams

Nothing will make your guests feel more pampered than the opportunity to relax in their room with a DIY facial. Provide your guests with organic and vegan-friendly face masks and creams so they can sit back, relax and forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Better still, offer a beautician who can come to their room to show your guest how to make the most out of the products you supply.


Something most travellers look forward to when staying in luxury hotels is the lush white bathrobes. Go the extra step and provide your guests with a pair of soft and luxurious slippers to wear in their room. And while you’re looking after their feet, why not supply some creams and scrubs and maybe even a little nail polish for an in-room pedicure. The ultimate indulgence after a busy day sightseeing.

Providing your guests with a touch of luxury to make them feel pampered during their stay does not need to be expensive or complicated. Accom Assist has a large selection of body washes, hair care products and accessories to make your guests feel extra special during their stay.