Easy, eco-friendly options for your hotel

//Easy, eco-friendly options for your hotel

Easy, eco-friendly options for your hotel


Many hotels and motels are making the switch to providing more eco-friendly body and hair care options for their guests. It can be overwhelming on where and how to start. So we’ve put together a few simple tips to help you make the switch to a more eco-friendly option for your hotel.

Review your current products and processes

The first step in providing more eco-friendly options to your guests is to ensure you switch to products that are organic or even vegan, biodegradable, not tested on animals and have recyclable packaging. 

Educating your guests and making it easy for them to recycle not only the body and hair care products they use but also any other waste is a significant first step.

Prepare an information card explaining to your guests how they can reuse or recycle the products and packaging both at home and within the hotel.

Refillable dispensers and bottles 

Refillable dispensers and bottles used to be associated with poor quality and cheap motel rooms, but these days many luxurious hotels are switching to refillable dispenser bottles.

Stylish designs can easily be integrated into luxurious bathrooms and then filled with top quality and natural shampoos, conditioners and body washes that are biodegradable and safe to the environment. Many of today’s top brands are providing hotels with large bottles to be used by hotels.

And they’ve been well received by guests with reports that they are not only easier to use but also it’s much easier to see what the product is. 

“Goodie Bag”

Who doesn’t love a “Goodie Bag” and providing body and hair care products to your guests in a goodie bag will encourage them to take the partially used products with them.

Re-purpose or donate

Some hotels are now choosing to give leftover unused soaps and shampoos to companies that distribute the products to homeless shelters or other parts of the world.

Making the switch to more eco-friendly toiletries for your hotel doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Here at Accom Assist, we’re here to help you with all of your hotel guest amenity needs. Please browse our extensive range of quality hotel toiletries and amenities, including soap dispensers, room supplies and accessories, solutions and amenity trays for hotels and motels or contact us for advice.