Faster To Clean, Faster To Stock

//Faster To Clean, Faster To Stock

Faster To Clean, Faster To Stock


Each and every motel, hotel and caravan park operator wants to streamline their room cleaning turn around. Once your guests check out, you want to turn the room around in the best and most efficient time. To reduce sometimes have minimal time to return each room back into perfect condition. So when you need to replace and clean the amenities, you don’t want to be spending excess scrubbing and cleaning bathrooms.

Our liquid products are easily cleanable throughout bathrooms. Liquid bathroom amenities don’t leave a soap scum like cake soap. Our dispensed products enable cleaners to quickly wipe down, meaning your rooms are turned around quicker. Instead of throwing out half the products when they’ve been left over, we actually have the ability to use all of the products in our dispensers. This enables the accommodation facility to reduce wastage and landfill.

The particular bottle we’ve chosen to use is recyclable. Meaning we can replace each bottle less often saving time. We’ve also been able to make sure that the product used in the sealed bottles do not get contaminated as can be the case with refillable dispensers.

When it comes to stocking up the room for your new guests. It’s never been easier with Accom Assists newest products. We’re able to make custom products for your specific motel or caravan park as well. With no limit on how many you need to order, we can cater to your exact need time and time again.