How To Turn Guests Into Returning Customers

//How To Turn Guests Into Returning Customers

How To Turn Guests Into Returning Customers


When it comes to creating recurring customers, it’s important to give them the experience they yearn for. When deciding on your hotel, motel or caravan park to stay at, you want to give them every reason to come back. Let’s look at how.

Be personal. Your first impression is key when your guest walks into your establishment. If they see you’ve done a little bit more than they expected that will kick start their stay off on the right foot. The more information you can collect about your guests on arrival means you can make their stay memorable.

Little things such as remembering each guests name and even a little welcome card can make all the difference in retaining that customer going forward. Having quality products on hand for your guests throughout your establishment can provide them with a memorable stay that keeps them coming back.

Rewarding guests with exclusive deals means they will more than likely want to keep returning to you. Offers including two for one stays and other incentives will go a long way in putting your short stay at the front of your customers’ minds.

Some don’t like it, but it’s also very important to ask for a review or feedback on your place. Yes, some will come back with improvements, but that’s exactly how you retain your customers. Giving them a voice will enable them to feel more connected to your business. When they return, they might see some of the changes they’ve suggested, continuing to make them feel heard and appreciated.

Overall, it’s about really being personal and connecting with your clients. They’ll appreciate someone reaching out to them and genuinely caring. Offering deals and exclusive stays will also go a long way in turning one time guests into loyal returning customers.