The Amenities That Matter Most To Your Customers

//The Amenities That Matter Most To Your Customers

The Amenities That Matter Most To Your Customers


When it comes to looking after your guests, amenities have to be on your priority list. Guests expectations in certain facilities when going to short stay accommodation, however, it’s the little extras that make the biggest impression. Let’s take a look?

Wifi Access

Not your normal amenity per se, however a very important add on to many, if not all your guests. When you provide WiFi access, you’re almost providing comfort from home for them. Some want to get away and disconnect from the online world, however, most will appreciate at least having the option available to them if they need it at a point in their trip.

Cleaning Equipment

There’s nothing worse as a guest than accidentally spilling something and not having the equipment to clean the spill there and then. Leaving a mop and bucket, cloths and some cleaning products mean the guests can quickly clean up before you come through the next day and do a proper clean of the area. The peace of mind knowing they can clean without having to ask for assistance though, will go a long way.


When a family or couple chooses your establishment as their place to get away for a while, you want to provide one thing, luxury. It’s important to make them feel like they’re the most important person there. Offering high-quality soaps, shampoos and other items can leave your guests feeling relaxed and pampered throughout their stay, while also feeling valued with some free gifts along the way.